– video –

I AM – Grace Evangelista

2024, music video
Songwriting: Grace Evangelista
Music Production: Claudio Galvano
Video: balzarini.art

Software: Premiere Pro

hop Basel - waste of time?

2019, about the meaning of a house of prayer
Software: Blender, Music: Sandro Balzarini

impressions - leaving switzerland

2016, a compilation of shots (mostly taken with the smartphone) of the last days in Switzerland and settling in Japan.

Software: Blender, Music: Sandro Balzarini

wg & villa neuewelt

The two trailers offer a small insight into the life of thewg and villa neuewelt.

In the wg neuewelt, the focus is on individually adapted support for self-determined and development-oriented living. This includes building and maintaining social contacts with fellow residents and the team, for example during joint leisure activities or the weekly joint dinners.

In the villa neuewelt, residents prepare step by step for life in their own four walls.

Editing software: Blender,
Music wg neuewelt: Sandro Balzarini

full moon waltz

2014, Video installation for wedding
Infinite loop projected in picture frames in the restaurant Bar du Nord
Software: iMovie

zoned out

2013, Excerpt of one of three animations
projected onto white silos at the Bachelor exhibition

Software: Toonboom Animate Pro

Handgelenk mal Pi

A stop-motion video created in an animation workshop at the FHNW HGK in collaboration with Nathalie Strub and Raphaela Gisi.

2013, Stop-Motion/Greenscreen
Software: Premiere Pro/iStopMotion